Domestic abuse....a taboo subject, but it's out there, right now and it's not stereo typical. 
Our aim for Moonstones is to provide care packages to individuals or family units that have had to re-located due to domestic abuse. 

Offering what we feel is a small token to someone being able to make that move to a safer future is vital, because it is about the material things, as some leave with nothing except the clothes on their backs.
Our care packages are offered to people moving into or out of Crawley on a referral basis, through some form of professional body.

Domestic abuse is not simply hard to talk about, for many it’s hard to escape. Some can just walk out the door, some cannot, and some never make it to the door.

Survival, isn’t always easy, I know that, but it is possible, and hopefully through the support of Moonstones project, so can others.

Starting again, rebuilding lives, gaining strength and being strong! A fresh new beginning is amazing and well deserved! Moonstones are happy to help you start the next chapter of your life!

Fabulous new beginnings, fabulous new you! The Moonstones family is ready to help the fabulous you shine!

Just a message away. We are here for you!

Our Partnerships

Here are just a few of our supporters of local businesses, other groups and charities. If you would like to join them on our wall, drop us and email to see how you can become a sponsor and help support our service users.

Working together to build brighter futures for their futures.


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